IM.SOLAR: A New Era of Solar Innovations

Photovoltaic cells power the future of renewable energy. Ecological sustainability drives the economy of all projects using an environmentally responsible approach to manufacturing and other applications.

Reduce the carbon footprint with zero impact on the environment as no harmful materials or gases are expelled into the air. The manufacture of these solar panels come from over 60% of the total energy required being renewable. In fact, I’M SOLAR panels themselves are used to power the manufacture of I’M SOLAR products. Covered by warranty, European made, and available online, these ecologically responsible solar solutions are manufactured using the latest technologies to deliver the best quality, performance, and price.

Become energetically independent by realising the power gained from solar photovoltaic panels and converting them to electricity for your home using the technology of the Solar Inverter. Store your photovoltaic energy in Solar Batteries and only use the power grid when your needs are high.

innovation and development in Solar equipment

I’M SOLAR features responsible innovation and development, such as using materials that can be recycled, and implementing solutions to deploy clean energy to the planet. Furthermore, all products are 100% European, and they employ hundreds within the European Union for their offices and production line.

All products and services are covered with the I’M SAFE guarantee which is a range of warranties that ensure quality and linear performance against malfunction. Realising that a guarantee is not made to be used, I’M SOLAR manufactures all products with the highest standards for the best quality, so that solar panels, inverters, and batteries will stand the test of time. Finally, the serenity warranty covers against a multitude of risks such as fire, mechanical, weather, or theft.

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