How to store your wine?

A good wine will only remain so if the conditions around it are optimum. After bottling, its evolution continues, it is not always easy to keep it optimally. The place of storage must be perfectly suitable for keeping all its properties.

The best solution is to create a cellar. It will allow the wine to be refined over time. For this, some essential rules must be respected.

  • It is preferable to have a subterranean room, without light, because it alters the wine due to the intensity of its rays and the heat produced.
  • Thermal deviations must be absolutely avoided because they damage the wine and the cork. The ideal temperature should be between 12 and 16 degrees, however, a constant temperature of 18 or 20 degrees is also acceptable.
  • Any place subject to vibration must be prohibited. In fact, they lose the elasticity of the cork and cause poor preservation of the wine.
  • Humidity and wine match very well. If the store place is not humid, a humidifier must be installed, taking care not to damage the label of the bottle because it is the identity of the wine.
  • The cellar must be a clean place, it can not serve as a storage room, because the cork absorbs the odors and then transmits them to the wine.
  • The bottles must be kept horizontally, so that the cork is always moist due to the contact of the wine, this makes it less permeable to the air.

Temperature, humidity and aeration are the main characteristics that guarantee the correct preservation of the wine. The kitchen of a house, the garage or even the cellar of a condominium rarely offer the required characteristics.

Equipped with an air-conditioned wine cupboard, allows to let the bottles age for a while. These appliances offer outstanding technical performance.

However, this must be considered as a relatively punctual solution, it is not possible to preserve, during large years, great wine treasures. You would then be condemned to create some special occasions to consume the wines of your cellar!