Explore Paris with a Themed Walking Tour

The finest way to discover the characteristic charm and romance of Paris is by enjoying a walking tour. There are many themed walks to choose from with a knowledgeable local guide to provide an informative, entertaining commentary. Most walks take up to two hours to complete.

Beautiful Nature

Discover the historic district of Montmartre in the north of the city with a walking tour of the vineyards perched on the hill overlooked by the majestic Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur. Learn how the Romans established wine growing in the region and admire the dedicated work and techniques that produce some of France’s finest wines. The vineyards attract many birds and wildlife creatures but even during a walking tour of the busy Little Africa district of Goutte d’Or they can be seen in the gardens filled with beautiful sunflowers.

Relaxing Waterways

The Canal Saint-Martin was created in the Napoleonic era and leads into the River Seine. The wide boulevards beside the tree-lined canal are popular with both locals and tourists who enjoy the calm, relaxing atmosphere of the area. Bridges, locks and canal boats add a unique interest along with the picturesque architecture of the buildings containing shops and artists’ galleries. The area around the canal inspired Georges Simenon’s novels featuring Maigret, the famous detective.

Fascinating Markets

Parisian markets are well-known for their wonderful choice of goods including antiques, ceramics, tapestries and memorabilia. A walking tour of the stalls of Saint-Ouen market offers the chance to browse through many items such as mirrors, crockery and furniture. The walk passes through many of the ancient alleyways of the surrounding streets and on towards the Dauphine market where there are fascinating old photographs and books. The stalls of the Château-Rouge market are filled with delicious pastries, cheese, meat and vegetables.

Special Themes

Many walking tours in Paris feature unusual themes to inspire the imagination. There are the colourful murals, grafitti and street art decorating walls and buildings in the Ourcq quarter and Vitry-sur-Seine. A walk through Pigalle charts the life of Paris’ most famous film director, François Truffaut, who spent his childhood there. Walking through Paris is the perfect way to discover the beautiful architecture of the city including Saint-Vincent de Paul’s church with its unusual twin turrets and the impressive train stations, the Gare de l’Est and the Gare du Nord.