Consult A Gynaecologist Online

Do you have a question or need advice on women’s reproductive health? Well, you no longer have to book an appointment to talk to a gynaecologist about your reproductive health. With Qare, you can consult a gynaecologist online via video chat whenever you want.
Qare is an innovative online platform that provides French nationals living in London access to medical consultation services. It has qualified and experienced French gynaecologists.

You can consult the experts on a wide range of women health issues including:

Menopause – while most women don’t need treatment for their menopause symptoms, some may find the symptoms very uncomfortable. If you’re bothered by the symptoms, talk to one of the Qare gynaecologists. The specialist may recommend lifestyle modifications and medications to help manage and treat the symptoms.

Pregnancy – talking to a gynaecologist at Qare can help you know more about caring for yourself and your baby during and after pregnancy. This may include diet, exercise and managing anxiety among others.

Contraception – there are different birth control options available to women than ever before. This has made it difficult for some to identify the best option. With Qare, you can talk to a gynaecologist and get to know the birth control method that suits you.

Missed periods – there are a number of reasons why you may miss your periods. These include pregnancy, stress, reaching menopause and taking contraceptive pills. You may also miss your period due to a long-term medical condition including an overactive thyroid, heart disease or uncontrollable diabetes. While missing a period doesn’t necessarily mean you are ill, it is important to consult a gynaecologist to know whether the cause is natural or needs treatment.

You can also talk to a Qare gynaecologist if you have premenstrual syndrome, experience vaginal bleeding or any other problem related to women’s reproductive health.

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