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Ciders from France : Discover Maison Sassy

In Chateau de Sassy, Normandy, France, french ciders have a crisp, juicy taste. These ciders are made naturally with no added sugar, water, or coloring. The high quality is because they are 100% pure natural fruit juice. The firm behind the production of these one-of-a-kind products is Maison Sassy, which focuses on the authenticity of its products and, most importantly, opening up Normandy to the world. This company has been in the cider business since 1852, producing additive-free beverages to become a world-class producer of these drinks.

Types of ciders

These ciders are from different apple and pear fruits, therefore exhibiting a sweet and fresh taste, naturally quenching your thirst. It is the additives that always harm our bodies. Some of these ciders from France are:

  • Cidre Brut
  • Cidre Extra-Brut
  • Poire
  • Cidre Organic
  • Sparkling
  • Cidre Rose


This cider is keenly refined to a 2.5%-alcohol content featuring 12 different types of pears, explaining its pear-aroma. Having this with seafood will have you wanting more. This drink is served best at 8 degrees Celcius.

Cidre Organic

The recipe contains five types of apples from the Normandy area. The cider has a light golden color and is a tasteful and semi-dry cider with slight effervescence. The alcohol content is 4%. It is best served alongside cheese or some white meat.

Cidre Brut

Experience the dryness and fruitiness of this all-rounded drink. It is made by mixing 22 different apples to bring out the bright orange color to look tasty. The alcohol percentage is 5.2%, slightly above the two mentioned above. Cidre Brut is as well served best at 8 degrees celsius.

Cidre Rose

Blended to make a crisp drink, Cidre Rose will astound you; 18 different types of apples are used to complete the recipe. With slight acidity, you can enjoy this cider alongside pastry desserts. It has a pink color absolutely from natural ingredients. The alcohol content is 3% for the smooth, semi-dry drink.

Cidre Extra-Brut

This cider, a traditional drink, has been served in Chateau de Sassy for a long time, making it famous. Five varieties of traditional apples are used in its recipe, explaining the natural sediments on the drink. The cider is golden yellow. It has an alcohol percentage of 5% and is best served at 8 degrees celsius.

Final thoughts

Natural ingredients are the best for maintaining good health. These ciders guarantee you excellent taste and quality, bringing you just the right drink to complete your meal.