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How to create a business in the USA ?

You want to create your company in the USA? Are you looking for information on setting up a company in the United States? Excellent, you have arrived! In this article

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The importance of environment, social and governance

As the world becomes more socially conscious, ESG factors are becoming increasingly important in investments. The rise in popularity of social media has allowed many people to voice their concerns

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The Software Tool that Makes a Salesperson’s Life Easier

There is nothing worse for a salesperson than losing a valuable deal. Missing a call or a meeting with prospect comes close to being a painful nightmare. The worst part

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A Biography of Iskandar Safa

Iskandar Safa is the CEO and co-founder of Privinvest, one of the most successful shipbuilding groups in Europe and the Middle East. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1955.

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