Anthony Spinasse

Anthony Spinasse graduated from ISCOM with a Master’s degree in journalism and multimedia communication in 2000. Since then, he has developed a passion for contemporary art. Today, he manages a wine estate near Bordeaux (Château Marquisat de Binet – Montagne Saint-Emilion). His eclectic career path mirrors his curiosity.

In 2006, he joined the FullSIX group as Associate Director. During his three years in this position, he met Olivier Goulon, with whom he founded Gamned!, the first French programmatic trading desk, in 2009. Anthony manages the Paris office of Gamned!. Following the company’s international expansion, he was appointed as COO of Gamned! Group.

Anthony’s experience in the media industry, as well as his knowledge of the digital world, make him a valuable asset to the company. His passion for art and culture allows him to bring a creative perspective to his work. Under his leadership, Gamned! has become one of the most innovative and successful players in the programmatic advertising industry.